THE one night stands

Both one night stands are one-off events presented in conjunction with the the premiere of ‘The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale’ live show.  They each explore love and money, relationships and numbers from a different point of view and bring more voices into the conversation. 


Join us for the only one night stands you’ll never regret.

#01 THE Cost of Love Stories Night

An evening of stories, songs, poems and movements exploring love & money.

A evening event of short performances: spoken, sung and danced, telling stories of love and money, both true & almost true. The evening will feature a selection of programmed artists, with an open mic, so bring along a story and tell us about your cost of love.


The Cost of Love Stories Night will be held on Sunday 25th November, at 7pm at The Brixton Pound.


This event is run in conjunction with "The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale", presented at Camden People’s Theatre, from November 20th - December 8th 2018.



Nerd Night will be run as a discussion with Haley McGee, writer and performer of "The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale" & Melanie Phillips, mathematician, artist & co-creator of the “Cost of Love Formula”, featured in the show.


This event will dig into the nitty gritty of the numbers in our “Cost of Love Formula” and look at some of the problems and questions Haley and Mel came up against when crafting it:


How do you capture suffering mathematically?

At what point does a break-up stop being sad and start being funny?

How can the maths account for your rose-tinted glasses?


Nerd Night will follow the performance of “The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale”, on Thursday 6th December. Following the show, audience members will be walked across to Old Diorama Arts Centre. The event will run for an hour starting at 9pm. Tickets for this event are free with your tickets to the live show. 

by haley mcgee

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