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  • Haley McGee

Season 1: Episode 13 - The Cost of The Cost of Love with Haley McGee

Haley, her real life boyfriend, & the cost of love team get very personal, with a real time cost-benefit analysis of making this podcast.

Listen in on Haley & Robert discuss all the arguments they had writing the jingle together & their opposing view son weddings. Haley also chats with producer/editor Maddie & assistant producer Eliza about their stand out moments. Plus, get ready for the HARD numbers on what this podcast actually cost to make.

Episode Summary

This is the thirteenth (!) episode of The Cost of Love with Haley McGee, and the very last of Season 1. Welcome.

Haley McGee is a love idiot. She’s also an actor and the author of the forthcoming book, The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale. On The Cost of Love Podcast she’s talking to a wide range of experts to try to figure out if the cost of love is worth it.

Each episode features a conversation between Haley and someone in the know, and they dig into that strange juicy place where love and money collide.

This episode is all about the cost of The Cost of Love - a long form cost benefit analysis with Haley and her tiny team, taking into account all the time, money, and energy spent on making this show in order to truly decide, was it worth it?

In this episode, Haley reaches out from under the traditional structure, to talk candidly and directly to YOU-- listeners and fellow #LoveIdiots who've been with us right the way through the first season; learning on the job, making mistakes, and even...falling in love.

Holding little back, Haley lets us in on the physical, financial, emotional costs and benefits of making the podcast. Interweaving interviews with her own experience, we meet; master of mixing and mastering, Robert Moutrey; Editor, Maddie Haynes; and Assistant Producer, Eliza Cass to get their insights on where the personal and professional collide in the making of The Cost of Love.

In three interviews, we cover:

  • Haley's original motivation for making the podcast

  • The origins of the larger Cost of Love project including The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale -show and book

  • Haley introduces us to Robert, who is in charge of Music and Audio Production and also happens to be her boyfriend

  • How Haley and Robert embedded working together early on in their relationship; navigating payment, the sheer amount of work, treading the line between appreciation versus renumeration

  • Their efforts to marry their different working styles, playing to their different strengths and the pain of when this doesn't go as planned

  • Haley introduces Eliza, her long term Assistant and Assistant Producer on the podcast

  • What the effect of The Cost of Love project on Haley's dating life has been over time, and what it's like to putting The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale in your Hinge profile

  • The emotional cost of passion projects; the emotional bludgeoning of repeated rejection, and the disappointment when big dreams get down to brass tacks

  • The origins of Robert and Haley's relationship on Hinge, the disparities in their experience and Haley's disregard for app etiquette

  • Their different ideas of love and marriage-- "the continuum" versus "the soup"!

  • Whether you can you love someone and be totally incompatible. Does love have to be healthy to be real love? Can we talk about love in a purely intellectual way?

  • Haley introduces Maddie, Editor of the podcast to go over highlights of the series to the binge-worthy moments of Marriage or Mortgage

Wrapping up -- Haley and Robert head into the future. Is there hope for moving past an understanding of ourselves and of love trapped in binaries?

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Writer and Host - Haley McGee

Producer and Editor - Maddie Haynes

Editor - Eva Lunny

Assistant Producer - Eliza Cass

Music and Audio Production - Robert Moutrey

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